About Rick Hudnett

My Education:

I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelors in Science in Business Management and a concentration in Human Resource Management. During my undergraduate degree, I also attended Wroxton College and studied International Business. Wroxton College is located 1 hour outside of London, England. In 2009 I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with my Masters in Business Administration degree.

My Hobbies:

Fishing, Hiking, Traveling, Reading, Learning Scripture, Spending time with Family and Friends, Watching Comedy Shows, Exercising, Balloon Rides and Volunteering.

My Websites:







My Inspiration:

A few people that inspire me include: Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Pastor David Uth, Deepak Chopra, Walt Disney, C.S Lewis, Henry Ford, Tony Dungy and Martin Luther King Jr.

International Countries that I have visited:

London, England
Edingburgh, Scotland
Saint Martin

My Recommendations:

Assistant Director
Nova Southeastern University

“Rick Hudnett is a dependable employee who you can trust and know that he will work with the highest ethics to obtain your companies goals; he is reliable, honest and hardworking. Rick is very determined to provide excellence in whatever he does in order showcase unparalleled talents.” April 27, 2010

Sheneal Jones, M.B.A, Sales Representative, UPS
was with another company when working with Rick at Nova Southeastern University

“I have worked with Rick Hudnett for a year now. He has a great work ethic and has accomplished more in his short time then many have before him. He is not afraid to ask questions nor is he afraid take on new challenges. In the past year Rick has transitioned into a new profession with tremendous professionalism. Rick is an asset to everyone he works with, he has taken a leadership role where his colleagues come to him for advice and direction.” April 19, 2010

Doug Crowelli, Assistant Director, Nova Southeastern University
worked directly with Rick at Nova Southeastern University

Account Executive

“Rick has played a vital role in my company’s success and it was a pleasure to work with him. His integrity was impressive in todays business world and I will do business again with him anytime.” September 28, 2010

Andy Matthews, Owner, Source Link International
was with another company when working with Rick at UPS
Account Manager

“Rick was a key person for our international company. Rick managed all of our shipping business from Asia to the US as well as to other parts of the world. I greatly appreciated all the service and dedication he provided my company. Rick is one of the best Account Managers I have ever worked with. We felt like Rick was one of our own employees even though he was working for another company, that’s how dedicated he was in servicing us. He was so detailed in our shipping business that he was able to foresee a lot issues we would have been facing had it not been for Ricks proactive approach. He has definitely saved my company a lot of time and money! Rick provided a service to us in a way that has not been matched sense. We at Source Link International miss Rick’s involvement in our shipping business and would recommend any company to work with him or hire him as he will be a great success no matter what he endeavors. I have nothing but good things to say about Rick as he has proven that he is someone you can trust and rely on to get great results.” April 14, 2010

Andy Matthews, Owner, Source Link International
was with another company when working with Rick at DHL
Territory Rep

“Rick is one of the best territory managers I have ever meet. Rick continues to be successful in every aspect of the job, showing leadership to obtain all goals set before him.” October 4, 2007

Dave Diehl, District Manager, Ecolab
was a consultant or contractor to Rick at Ecolab
Nova Southeastern University

“Richard is truly one of the most dedicated and dependable professional individuals I have met with an unmatched work ethic. As a previous fellow student, student government officer, and current assistant director at NSU Orlando, Richard has added tremendous value to Nova Southeastern University faculty and student body.” April 25, 2010

Ignacio Quiñones, MBA, Student, Nova Southeastern University,
studied with Rick at Nova Southeastern University


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